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Join the FAU Libraries and the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as we recognize Pride Month 2022 with a virtual program to promote inclusion, challenge prejudices, and help people better understand others.
Stories of Pride
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Join the FAU Libraries and the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as we recognize Pride Month 2022 with a virtual program to promote inclusion, challenge prejudices, and help people better understand others. 'Stories of Pride' is based on the popular Human Library program and will feature members of the LGBTQ+ community sharing their unique stories and experiences. This event will be live via Zoom and is open to FAU faculty, staff, students, and community members. This program is being held in conjunction with the FAU Libraries Erase Hate Initiative. Date: Wednesday, June 29 Time 12 - 1 PM Location: Live on Zoom Guest Speakers include: Rebecca Andre, Clarence Brooks, Idalia Maqueda, and Daniella Orias.

Jun 29, 2022 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Clarence L. Brooks, Jr., MFA
Associate Professor – Dance | Director - Dance Program @Department of Theatre and Dance, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
Clarence Brooks (he/they), associate professor and director of dance at FAU, founded and performs with Repertory Dance Theatre Ensemble, the University’s professional dance company. Having danced with over 70+ dance companies, Brooks freelances with several companies nationally and sits on several dance company boards. He holds two degrees and four certifications in dance and somatic modalities. Four jaw-dropping facts: he is a high school dropout, was a math major, started dancing at twenty, and learned to walk anew at age 26. My story as a Black, openly gay educator actively involved in the tri-county community, is chronicled in One Teacher in 10: LGBT Educators Tell Their Stories (Alyson Books, 2nd Edition).
Rebecca André, Ph.D.
President of the PBC NOW board, is a member of the Mental Health Action Alliance LGBTQ+ Task Force @Co-chair of the Advisory Committee for FAU’s Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
NOW is committed to fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all areas. NOW supports educational efforts that combat the adverse effects of homophobia, promote positive images in media, and asserts the right of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and trans people to live their lives with dignity and security. At Ohio State University, I earned a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies, focusing on employment needs for women with mental health challenges. I earned a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership with an emphasis on women’s issues in higher education. While working in the Ph.D. program, my long-time girlfriend gave me grief for claiming bisexuality; I invited Lani Kuhumanu, author and co-editor of ‘Bi Any Other Name’ one of the first compilations to explore bisexuality from multiple persepctives, to present in a few OSU classes and to stay with us while she was in town. It was wonderful talking with Lani in person...
Daniella Orias
Understanding Queerness through Theory and Practice
Daniella Orias graduated in Fall 2021 with a master's degree from the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program at FAU. She has taught the courses "Gender and Climate Change" and "Sex, Myth, Power, and Pop Culture" at FAU. Daniella recently published an article with Dr. Nicole Morse entitled "No One is Disposable: Ecofeminism and Climate Crisis" in 2020 and published an article with Dr. Jane Caputi entitled "Monoculture & Mono-woman: An Ecofeminist Critique" in the Undergraduate Research Journal in 2013. Story: For my 10 minutes, I will be talking about the experience of living in Ocala as a queer, female, Jewish, farmer and the ostracization I experienced living in that area (using the framework of intersectionality theory). I will discuss how being a part of the WGSS program at FAU and taking courses on Feminist Theory allowed me to better understand my experience by combining theory with practice and using theory, as bell hooks notes, as a "laboratory practice" (hooks)
Idalia Maqueda
@Non-binary Social Worker: Fight for safe spaces and representation in the mental health field
Bio: I’m Idalia Maqueda, my pronouns are they/them/theirs, and I identify as queer and non-binary. I am Puerto Rican and Mexican, and the child of an immigrant. I grew up in Lake Worth, and was brought up in a working class family. I am a first generation college student and got my Masters of Social Work at FAU a year ago. I’ve been out as queer since I was 16 but have not come out fully as non-binary. I currently work as a therapist at an elementary school and am working towards licensure. My story: With many intersectional identities that have crafted me, entering the field of social work was what I was meant to do. Working towards creating representation and safe spaces in the mental health field is a huge passion of mine.