Q&A Sessions for Newly Admitted International Students - Shared screen with speaker view
ATM Abdullah
I have submitted all financial documents and emailed them to you Ms Maggie as per your request regarding I20.Unfortunately haven't received any reply yet.
Kelly Roy
@ATM Abdullah, when did you email your additional documents to Maggie?
Lalith Nagidi
Are they any other fees like transportation fees, books.. etc
Subash Gupta karamsetty
if we take 9 in each semester for 3 semesters then in the 4th semester can we take only 3 credits? to complete the masters program requirement? is it possible
Claudia Montas
@Lalith, yes please review the following page to note costs aside from I-20 issuance purposes: https://www.fau.edu/finaid/other/cost-of-attendance/
Lalith Nagidi
thanks for the information
Subash Gupta karamsetty
if we take 9 in each semester for 3 semesters (27 Credits) then in the 4th semester can we take only 3 credits? which becomes 30 credits for computer science masters program? is it possible?
Claudia Montas
Thank you everyone for your questions, we will be answering them towards the end of the presentation.
Marjan Nassajpour Esfahani
Is the tuition fees of fully-funded graduate students paid by their supervisors?
Kelly Roy
Some assistantships cover full tuition and fees, some partial, some none - it depends on the assistantship
Abdul-Kadir Ameyaw
1. Concerning medical insurance, 1518 (a year), my GTA has this clause “As part of your offer of appointment as a GTA, you are eligible to receive health insurance benefits at a reduced cost. FAU will pay for 75% of the annual premium cost of the FAU-selected plan, and graduate student employees who enroll in the FAU plan will be responsible for paying the remaining 25% of the annual premium cost. Information on the 2022/2023” Does this mean that I am required to pay $379.5 a year for medical insurance?2. “Please note that tuition benefits do not include mandatory University fees which you are obligated to pay. These fees afford you the benefits and access to many University services and programs, including a membership to the campus recreation center, access to the student health center, athletic events, numerous campus activities, and access to other resources such as the counseling and career centers.” How much is this?
Yara Batour
i have already applied for undergraduate scholarships for spring 2023, when should i expect an answer?
Claudia Montas
@Yara, please contact Undergraduate Admissions and/or financial aid to note date of notification, each scholarship does vary but Spring, that may be awarded in Fall.
Marjan Nassajpour Esfahani
If a student wins Presidential Award Fall 2022, when his or her can receive the award?
Kelly Roy
The Presidential Award winners for Fall 2022 have already been selected and notified
Kelly Roy
If you won an award, it will be applied to your tuition bill by financial aid
Claudia Montas
Funds are disbursed after Add/Drop week, which is the first week of class; your aid will be first applied to your tuition and cost of attendance.